About Psychological Therapies

Psychological therapies are treatments which focus on talking (or in some cases, art, music or movement) as a way of helping you deal with distress interfering with your day to day life. While psychologists have quite extensive training, they are not medical doctors and cannot offer to prescribe medication. Most likely, you may see a therapist as an alternative to, or as well as, a psychiatrist or other mental health professional.

How can they help?

  • Psychological therapy gives you a safe, confidential space to talk about problems causing you distress. As well as talking during meetings, you may sometimes be asked to try things out in between them. It is a process and although you may feel some immediate relief, it may take time for you to see changes.
  • A psychologist can help you to explore new ways to approach, respond to, and deal with difficulties in your relationships or other issues.
  • During our first meeting, you will have the the chance to talk about your difficulties and to decide together if therapy might help. We will discuss what type of therapy might suit you, what the therapy involves, and how long it is likely to last.
  • Psychological therapy does not suit everyone, and you may find that the consultation is helpful itself, simply by shedding light onto problem areas and getting information about what kind of help is available.