My specialties are derived from over 20 years of training and experience.
  • Long-term, intermediate, or brief psychotherapy
  • Individual, couples, and group modalities
  • Dating, relationships, and intimacy
  • Relationship Problems
  • Psychological testing and assessment
  • Depression & unhappiness, bereavement, and other mood disturbances
  • Anxiety & Panic, Obsessive Compulsive disorders, obsessions
  • Risk assessments, cognitive evaluations, and parenting assessments
  • Professional supervision and consultation
  • Men’s sexuality, sexual identity, compulsive sexual behaviour
  • Substance misuse and other addictive behaviour.
  • Internet chat room / cybersex addiction
  • Expat/acculturation difficulties
  • Employment issues, such as stress, burnout, redundancy, bullying, and harassment
  • Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual issues and concerns
  • Personal growth and exploration
  • Physical and sexual abuse and childhood trauma
  • Skype/FaceTime therapy
  • Anger Problems
  • Addictions
Individual and couples therapy
Supervision and consultation
Medico-Legal Assessments, Reports & Testimony
Skype/FaceTime Therapy

Individual and couples therapy

Individual and couples therapy

The initial assessment session will be geared toward a comprehensive evaluation of your needs.  By the end of this assessment, I’ll be able to offer you some initial impressions of treatment recommendations for addressing the specific problems and concerns you discussed.

If you decide to continue in treatment, we’ll discuss your goals and, together, create a personalized course of therapy. At the same time, you should take the opportunity to assess whether you feel comfortable working with me. Psychotherapy involves a commitment of time, money and psychological energy; thus, selecting the right therapist is essential.

As with any treatment, there are potential benefits and risks associated with psychological services. If you have any questions or concerns, please bring them to my attention as they arise so we can properly address them.

The therapeutic process

Treatment is conducted in a warm, safe, supportive environment in which, together, we examine your present day issues and explore how past experiences have shaped the way you deal with those issues. The collaboration between us is aimed at helping you reach your goals and resolve your problems as quickly and directly as possible.

Psychotherapy is a vehicle for becoming more connected to your feelings, and closer to important people in your life.  Although treatment can be difficult at times, it is also exciting to learn new things about yourself and apply them to your relationships.

Making the decision to seek psychological services is not always easy, and participating in treatment does not mean you are unable to deal with your personal problems or challenges. People seek therapy for a variety of reasons, and many come to treatment simply because they need a safe, trusting, environment in which to discuss and understand their feelings.  Others come simply for personal growth in order to gain a better sense of themselves and their goals.

Psychotherapy is a process of change, and involves both the patient and psychologist.  It’s not my role to tell you what to do, or to make decisions for you; rather, my objective is to assist you in identifying and navigating the obstacles that hinder your personal satisfaction and growth.

While I tailor treatment to the individual, as a psychotherapist my approach to psychotherapy is psychodynamic and family systems, which means we will look at patterns and unconscious behaviors in your past significant relationships, in order to help you understand the impact those behaviours and relationships have on your current life situation.

I also appreciate the importance of clarifying and resolving here-and-now problems, and patients typically come to sessions once or twice per week to achieve this goal.  Most importantly, I respect the values and different cultural perspectives of those who enter into treatment with me, and I enjoy working with clients of diverse backgrounds and sexual orientations. Above all, I’m passionate about doing superiour, professional, ethical and highly effective therapy.